Software development is an integral part of our business. Whether it is a web based, server based or an embedded solution. With a combination of all three we can deal with your specific requirements.

Sharing data and presenting that data in different ways to different people is key part of developing a solution which its users interact with. Automated reporting and data storage can be made available when and where your require it. Having that information can be invaluable to the success of your business. Giving you the knowledge to make minute by minute business decisions.

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Technologies & Software we are involved with


Windows 10 IoT Core

“The operating system built for your Internet of Things.”

We utilize this great tool from Microsoft to control some of our products and projects. This allows to give us seamless integration into modern smart phones, tablets and HMI devices.

IoT is a really powerful tool we use to deliver solutions.

PLC Coding 

We have extensive experience of integration of OMRON Programmable Logic Controller’s into bespoke control systems. With the integration of IoT this creates a very powerful control solution.

See Omron’s Website for an overview.


Microsoft SQL Server

Data storage is an integral part of modern systems. We utilise all version of SQL server to hold and store data, making it easily retrievable in multiple platforms.

See SQL Server 2016 for an overview.



ASP.Net MVC Framework

We use this great framework by Microsoft to create data driven web applications.  This gives our clients and their clients data instantly on a global scale. Making data available instantly.

See ASP.NET MVC for an overview.




Gives great style to Website, this website is written in it. If we just need a well styled website then this is what we use. These can also be managed by our clients quite easily.

See Meet WordPress for an overview.


Industrial Vision (Video & Camera Image Processing)

Using the IC Imaging control and Microsoft Visual Studio we have developed a number of applications which control machine functionality by the use of touching a live image being fed by an industrial camera. This data (Audit Trail) of what has been processed is stored locally and then sent up to the cloud for key personnel to monitor and review.

See Imaging Source website for an overview.



Raspberry Pi 

We have used the Raspberry Pi with a number of projects running Windows 10 IoT core and our own hardware. A great product at a great price.

See Raspberry Pi’s website for an overview.



Touch Screens 

How people integrate with our solutions is a big thing and using a touch screen graphical user interface is easy and responsive. In a lot of cases it is the quickest way to get data to process.




We use a wide range of Microchip controllers. We find their products extremely reliable when out in the field. Our experience covers 8, 16 and 32 Bit devices.We are a Microchip Design Partner.

See Microchips website for an overview.


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