Project Examples

Below are some examples of Projects that we have been involved in.

Caravan Movers

UK designed and manufactured caravan moving equipment for a single or twin axle caravan that assists in the moving of it electronically with an easy to use remote control.



Lighting Controllers

Simple plug and play lighting connectors for LED Lighting. Providing modular lighting connection and control solutions for industrial and commercial buildings. The system simply plugs together on site resulted in greatly reduced installation time on site, and less requirement for skilled labour.



Samplex Food pellet testers

Farming electronics used in the weighing and testing of animal feed pellets, ensuring the correct mix per feed.




Electronic Testing Equipment

We have been involved in many projects which we have supplied Testing Equipment for electronic products. The testing could happen at any point in the devices life cycle from a certificate of conformity after manufacture or at any point of the manufacture process, to a rig which tests returned products for failure reasons.



CS90 Touch Software

Pc Based software that controls the Samplex CS90 grain sampling machine. A live video feed from above the sampling area is displayed on a touch screen computer monitor. The operator simply touches the screen within the sample guidelines to set sample points. Once the sample pattern is sent to the sampler, no more human input is needed, the CS90 will automatically collect samples from the set points, and return to a parked position. Screen shots from the camera and information of the vehicle and its’ contents can be saved. The software can be set to share information with other software. Available options also include automatic traffic lights, PTZ camera, and number plate recognition to produce an even faster automated system.

Packaging Equipment 

We have been involved in the Design, Production & Manufacturing of a range of air bagging machines that are used for space filling in packaging boxes, these stop the items being damaged while in transit. The machines create a pillow of air package based on a plastic roll.


Other PCB Boards

Please see below a gallery of other PCB’s we have been involved in the development of. We have extensive experience in PCB design and manufacture. All our boards are manufactured in the UK. We tailor our electronic control products to your exact requirements, our involvement can be at any stage of your project. We get involved in new product creation projects, re-design of an existing products or prototyping of a new product. Why not get in touch with our team to see how we can assist you in your electronic requirements.


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